2015 Hikers

Dan Moe

My name is Dan and I'm a 29-year-old professional baker and aspiring photographer, living in Portland, OR. I've lived in the Pacific Northwest almost all of my life and have been doing my best to enjoy the natural wonders of Cascadia.... (read more)

Helen "Catwoman" Beckers

Most of our holidays were spent hiking and climbing in the Alps. When being indoors I would spend hours staring over maps, dreaming of the countries and places I would visit when I’d grow up.... (read more)

Jennifer Anders

I grew up in the Midwest. Early on I was able to visit relatives that lived in the country, even living with them for a time, and enjoying the sense of freedom that country living seemed to bring. But then my family moved into the city, where I only had the.... (read more)

Bill Anders

I'm a 46-year-old house-husband, doing what I can to take care of my wife after the many years that she has taken care of me. I'm a retired 26-year veteran of the US Air Force, living in Ashland, Oregon and using the location as a base to get out and.... (read more)

Kat Davis

I have always had wanderlust and this was possibly fueled by growing up in the multicultural surrounds of Melbourne, Australia. I would take a sandwich to school for lunch and trade it with my friends for spanakopita and baklava, amazed that a..... (read more)