Jennifer Anders

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About me:

I grew up in the Midwest. Early on I was able to visit relatives that lived in the country, even living with them for a time, and enjoying the sense of freedom that country living seemed to bring. But then my family moved into the city, where I only had the opportunity to enjoy that freedom when visiting family or camping. But I truly didn't appreciate those times and solace in the woods until I was older.

Fast forward to my early twenties - I married my husband, Bill, who was an active duty military member. We were fortunate enough to be stationed in great locations, some of them overseas - Australia, Japan and Germany. We learned about the varying landscapes by biking, running, hiking, and skiing.

After Bill retired from the military in February 2013 , we moved to Ashland, Oregon. We attended different schools after we were settled. In our spare time, we explored the nearby trails - hiking with our loving greyhound, Skinny. Quickly, we found ourselves hiking along sections of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) in Southern Oregon and Northern California. These hikes allowed me to became familiar with the trail and learned about its entirety. Bill did some trail work and Skinny and I were able to go with him on some of his trips and enjoy a camping weekend. We also met a few thru hikers along the way. I soon became interested with the idea of hiking the PCT someday.

By the summer of 2014 both of us had finished our school programs and by late summer Skinny had passed away. With no commitments holding us in Ashland, it feels like 2015 is the right time to take a long walk along the PCT.

Why I’m participating with mYAMAdventure

I believe that the most valuable asset to participating in this program will be the access to the mentors - knowledgeable hikers that can guide and advise me through the planning process of the hike. With them, I can resolve any concerns that I have about our hike.

Additionally, the access to the lighter equipment with help make our hike more successful.

What hiking the PCT means to me:

I am eager to challenge myself along the trail. I am excited to find new strengths in myself, learn new abilities and appreciate the different landscapes where the PCT traverses.

Why support the PCTA?

The PCT is important to the people. Volunteers travel from all over the country to work on the trail, some previous and some hopeful thru-hikers, others just people that enjoy the trail and the what it provides. The Pacific Crest Trail Association (PCTA) coordinates those efforts and makes sure the work is efficient and effective. These efforts are costly and while the PCTA does receive some federal assistance, the bulk of the funding comes from generous donations. Without the PCTA, trail maintenance would fall to local groups that may or may not be able to fund or provide consistent upkeep.


I am appreciative of all those who have offered support for our hike - friends, family, and mYAMAdventure.