Kat Davis

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About me:

Hello! I'm Kat Davis, an Aussie living in London and currently on somewhat of a career break walking around the world! I have always had wanderlust and this was possibly fueled by growing up in the multicultural surrounds of Melbourne, Australia. I would take a sandwich to school for lunch and trade it with my friends for spanakopita and baklava, amazed that a boring old sandwich could be traded for such exotic delights.

While studying at University, I took an internship in Tokyo and climbed Mt. Fuji for the first time. "A wise man climbs Mt Fuji, a fool climbs it twice" say the Japanese, but I am neither a man nor a fool and climbed to the top 7 times during the 7 years I lived there. From Tokyo to Toronto to London where I'm now based, I am searching for many of life's answers and hoping to find them along a trail… somewhere!

Why I’m participating with mYAMAdventure

I'm so happy to be participating with mYAMAdventure. I know I will feel 1000 times better about completing the PCT if I also know that I've raised money to help maintain the trail, I think this is the ultimate way to say thank you and to help give back. I'm very excited to have the opportunity to receive mentorship from past hikers, their advice will be invaluable and inspirational I'm sure. I have a million and one questions for them. Any gear assistance from sponsors will also be a massive help for me, I don't own a tent and am going to need a bigger pack than my trusty 40 litre!


What hiking the PCT means to me:

So far on my "career break" I've walked 4 different caminos across Spain & Portugal, hiked the Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage in Japan, and completed three different hikes across the UK. I feel that these mini adventures have been preparing me in different ways to take on the ultimate challenge: the PCT. I had never heard about the PCT until August 2013 when I met an American man who was walking the Coast to Coast trail across the UK. We ended up walking together and he told me many tales of his PCT experience. I must admit, I didn't think he was the best person to be encouraging tourism to the PCT with his tales of rattlesnakes, bears, heavy snow etc and he left me thinking that you had to be crazy to attempt such a hike… but the seed was planted! Crazy and determined, I want to hike the PCT!

Why support the PCTA?

Hikers today and future generations of hikers are so incredibly lucky the PCTA exists - a non-profit organization which maintains this National Scenic Trail by rebuilding bridges, moving fallen trees, restoring eroded sections, and allowing us to experience nature, wilderness and remarkable beauty. The PCTA's mission is to Protect, Preserve and Promote and I want to help them as much as possible with your help too. Please donate to this wonderful cause so more people for generations to come can experience the adventure, excitement and beauty that the PCT offers.


If you like hiking, nature, tales of adventure or simply reading about it from the comfort of your couch, come and join me vicariously as I hike the PCT. "A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step" - Lao Tzu, Chinese Philosopher 604-531 BC