2015 Partners

Get involved with the Class of 2015!

We're currently seeking gear makers and outdoor gear brands to collaborate with us for the 2015 program. If you're interested in learning about the benefits of partnership, please get in touch!

Much thanks to our awesome sponsors of the Class of 2014!!

YAMA Mountain Gear handcrafts lightweight tents in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. YAMA is also the organizer of mYAMAdventure.
Leki's passion and experience has made them a world leading pole maker. Their poles are manufactured and distributed from the Czech Republic using environmentally-friendly methods.
Darn Tough has been making extraordinarily tough socks in the Green Mountains of Vermont for about 10 years. They are committed to producing the best possible socks the word has to offer and it shows.
Ultralight Adventure Equipment has been designing and building high-quality, ultralight backpacks since 2001. They remain actively involved in the hiking community and have helped to shape the industry today.
Paramount Fit Foods makes healthy, high protein, low calorie snack packs. Every vacuum sealed pack has wild game jerky, macadamia nuts, Marcona almonds, dried cranberries and either dried mango, apricot or strawberry.
Bedrock Sandals is a small, USA made, outdoors company focused on creating premium quality minimalist sandals that create an authentic barefoot experience for running, hiking, and traveling.
The Mouse Works operates on the belief that small is beautiful. Ryan Williamson, trail name "Timothy Mouse," has hiked over 10,000 miles of trail and crafts fleece hats from his farm in Virginia.
Filterstorm Nueu for the iPhone and iPad provides all the photo editing tools a photographer on the go could want; everything from powerful masking tools to simple pre-made filters.
nPower PEG uses the energy you generate while walking, running, or biking to charge your smart phone, music player, GPS, and other devices.

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