2017 Hikers

Dustin Stensland

I grew up in a small town of 800 in northern Minnesota and was lucky enough to have the Chippewa National Forest as my backyard growing up. I would spend my summers as a kid climbing trees and playing in the woods to pass time... (read more)

Daniele Clarissa

As odd as this sounds, my heart just shouted, “that’s it… life brought us to this trail!” I started planning my PCT hike, a little over a year ago; now being so close, and eager, to the start my journey, but the time passing by so slowly. So here I am... (read more)

Jonathon Jolly

I realized this year that I'm most happy away from material things, just outside in nature living in the moment. There's more to life than just having a good job, and paying bills over and over. I want to push myself mentally and physically I want to see things and experience things that... (read more)