Anna Machowicz

About me:

A 26 year old dirtbag from Michigan, finding my way.

My love of the outdoors has never been in question. Encouraged, educated, and supported by my parents to explore the world around me, my favorite memories took place outside the walls of our home.

In 2012, I graduated from Michigan State University with a dual degree in Animal Science and Zoology. After much frustration and floundering, I decided to pursue wildlife and conservation work.

I left home with no idea what to expect, but found a love for seasonal work that offers endless adventure. I'm currently working as a research technician for Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Why I’m participating with mYAMAdventure

The PCT will be my first thru-hike, a feat which many have accomplished with almost no preparation at all. As a solo hiker, the preparation, education, and confidence are important aspects of my hike. Participating with mYAMAdventure means I'm not truly alone in the preparation process. It is a rare opportunity to learn from experienced hikers to ensure my hike is everything I need it to be.

What hiking the PCT means to me:

Hiking the PCT feels natural. I am happiest when hiking, crave solitude, and love a physical challenge. My work often involves more hiking than anything else, and although I count myself lucky to get paid for it, the PCT will be a chance for me to fulfill an obligation only to myself and the trail. Hiking is a lifestyle!

Why support the PCTA?

That's easy. The PCTA and its partners are the only reason people like me are able to consider the journey of a thru-hike. Not only do they coordinate hundreds of employees and volunteers to maintain the trail, they provide prospective hikers with comprehensive information for a safe, enjoyable experience. The PCTA’s dedication to the trail is inspiring, and deserves our support.


“That which we manifest is before us.”