Rory, Emily & Seamus the Aussie

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About us:

Emily grew up in a small town on the outskirts of the Berkshires in western Massachusetts. She has always loved the outdoors and in her free time prefers soaking up the sun, running, hiking with Seamus and fishing. She’ll be 27 when she embarks on her PCT adventure with Rory, her boyfriend and their dog, Seamus. Mostly, Emily cannot wait to spend her days outside, slowing life down a bit and seeing where the Pacific Crest Trail takes her.

Rory grew up hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail in Southern California and the Sierras. He has always wanted to experience the entire trail and see all 5 unique sections of the trail: Southern California Desert, Sierras, Northern California, Oregon and Washington. He has been planning for the trip for the past two years along with his girlfriend, Emily. Rory enjoys long-distance challenges and has run 3 marathons in the past two years with Emily. He’s excited to experience the gorgeous scenery, physical challenge, but most importantly the mental challenge! He’s also looking forward to slowing his life down to 3 mph and having a few months to reflect on his life and think about the next chapter.

Why we’re participating with mYAMAdventure

We saw two major benefits with the mYAMAdventure program. The first is the mentorship they offer. We are happy to have a handful of experienced and knowledgeable thru hikers give us their advice and validate our plans and goals for the trail! The second would be the support we can provide by raising money for a great organization like the PCTA. Without them, there would be no PCT for all hikers to enjoy!

What hiking the PCT means to us:

For us, hiking the PCT is about committing to a new experience, getting to know the hiking community and challenging ourselves both physically and mentally on this grand adventure. It’s also a time for us to enjoy our passion of being outdoors. The past few years have flown by at light speed so we’re looking forward to slowing down our lives for a few months.