Ashley “Bloody Mary” Hill

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0032I’m a Californian native who is about to walk across the country. My aspiration in kindergarten was to become a professional tree climber. Oh, the wrinkles I must have caused my parents! I’ve traveled through 16 countries and lived on three continents, but have always come home safe, sound and with a deeper curiosity of the world. The motivation behind this next journey lies with the loss of my mother. She was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and left us July 1, 2013. I was so fortunate to spend these last two years by her side. Since her diagnosis, I knew I wanted to attempt the Pacific Crest Trail. The time is ripe and I couldn’t be more ready. I’m excited to explore the outdoors, to get dirty, to reflect, to accomplish, to struggle, to rely on myself and others, to put my high heels away, but mostly, I’m excited in the unknown!


What hiking the PCT means to me:

047I have been dreaming about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail since my first backpacking trip through Yosemite in 2009. I can’t wait to push my physical and mental limits like nothing I’ve done before. From Mexico to Canada on foot! Come follow me as I embark on my most epic journey to date.

Why the PCTA is important:

I’m new to thru-hiking and am learning about all that goes into maintaining a 2,663 mile trail. The PCTA has dedicated so much to provide you and me with a pathway across America. Free of charge, this association exists to protect, preserve and promote the trail for both hikers and equestrians. Please join me in raising money to help keep the PCTA flourishing!

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Why I’m participating with mYAMAdventure

When I first started planning for the PCT, I realized how much help I would need to complete this trek. I am thrilled to be a part of mYAMAdventure. Not only is Yama Mountain Gear an amazing brand, but also, we’re provided with wonderful mentors and sponsors. What REALLY draws me to this program is our team’s commitment to fundraise for the PCTA. After I end this journey, I can’t wait to help other, first timers make their dreams a reality, too!